Creighton Model services involve educating the couple about their fertility and guiding them through the learning process with teachers that have undergone extensive education to become FertilityCare Practitioners.

If you are interested in Natural Family Planning, Dr. Gray will refer you to a local FertilityCare Practitioner or you can find one in your area at FertilityCare.org. If no FertilityCare Practitioner is available in your area, Dr. Gray can recommend a Practitioner who offers long distance sessions by phone or skype.

You will begin with an Introductory Session to the Creighton Model System. If you decide to proceed, you will receive a manual and a chart to begin charting daily. In the beginning, you will return for follow-up and chart review every two weeks for instructions tailored to your cycle. These follow-ups help you learn the system quickly and gain confidence in your observations and charting. It’s also a great time for the couple to ask questions and reinforce learning.

The majority of learning takes place in the first five follow-up sessions, and subsequent follow-ups are recommended every six to twelve months.

This system is “tailor-made” for each individual woman and her cycles. It is not only for women with regular cycles, but also women who experience irregular cycles, continuous discharges, or infertility; women who are breastfeeding, post-pill or in pre-menopause. The system can work for any woman.