Natural Family Planning

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Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a way for couples to avoid pregnancy without birth control pills or iuds, so that they don't need to worry with the side effects or complications associated with artificial hormones and devices.

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System (CrMS) is a method of NFP that can be used either to achieve or avoid pregnancy, as the couple chooses. It is a way to plan for children without the use of artificial hormones, costly medical bills, and side effects. It costs less than contraceptives, is highly reliable, and works by cooperating with the woman's normal fertility. The CrMS helps a couple identify:

  • when the woman is ovulating
  • when she is able to conceive and when she is naturally infertile during her cycle
  • whether her reproductive system is functioning normally
  • early warnings of reproductive or gynecological health problems.

The method works through the principle of selective intercourse. The couple identifies times of fertility and infertility and chooses when to have intercourse. To avoid pregnancy they will choose times of infertility, and to achieve a pregnancy they will choose times of fertility. In this way, the couple is cooperating with their natural fertility to achieve their goals and plan their family.

They system fosters and understanding of fertility as a normal and healthy process, not as an illness or disease. Most couples find their love and respect for each other grows as their understanding and appreciation of fertility increases.