Male Infertility 

Fertility is a biological function in which the couples, through sexual intercourse unite their gametes. When a couple has difficulty getting pregnant, both partners should participate in the evaluation.

Seminal Fluid Analysis

To assess male fertility, an analysis of male seminal fluid can be helpful. This can be accomplished in a variety of different ways, some of which are more acceptable than others. Semen samples are typically collected through masturbation, but some patients may find this objectionable for personal reasons. Recent interviews have revealed that most men feel obligated to behave in a manly fashion and to provide the requested sample, although they found it somewhat humiliating. Others mistakenly believed that masturbation was the only way that such samples could be collected, some even refused to submit to the test. When masturbation runs counter to a patient’s religious or moral values a seminal collection device or SCD is suggested. This allows the seminal fluid to be collected at home during intercourse. The sample must then be kept warm and brought to the laboratory or treatment center within 30 to 45 minutes of collection. They prefer all seminal fluid be emptied from the collection device into a clean, plastic container prior to returning to the laboratory. Studies have shown this method of collection to be very reliable and some suggest it superior when compared to masturbation.

The Creighton Model System plays a specific role for patients who have difficulty achieving pregnancy when the seminal fluid parameters are abnormal. Specialists can now monitor the shape, quantity and number of sperm in motion. Although these techniques were originally designed for in vitro fertilization, they are now being used to enhance the chances of becoming pregnant naturally.